With experienced specialist & professional tools for maximum safety

Our philosophy

We provide our services with only experienced, professional specialists and professional equipment. We transport with both in open (foreign) and closed (domestic) cargo spaces..

The delivered machine is placed in the specially designed closed cargo hold in the safest possible way, we can easily manage up to a weight of 700 kg with any means. In all cases, lifting or placing - as well as fixing and tying - is carried out by a professional lifting machine operator.

We never start the engine, we never tie to a point that could be damaged during transport, we pay special attention to the protection of bodywork elements and paintwork.

We protect the feared treasure entrusted to us, which we deliver to its destination in the same condition as it was handed over. As motorcyclists, we know well what does connection means between a motorcycle and a rider, and we treat these iron fenders accordingly to that. 

Thanks to our reliability and quality work, we deliver high-value vehicles, new motorbikes on behalf of domestic salons (even boxed) and hobby racers' machines to Kakucs, Euro and Hungaroring. Our partner list contains many well-known domestic service centers and salons, as well as MF motors, Eleven Motor, Kék Hold SE, KTM Centrum and many others. 

We provide a professional service at an affordable price, without hidden costs.

Correct, FIXED prices instead of hideen costs & surprises