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Motorcycle rescue & transport in Budapest

Districts marked with yellow:
HUF 20.000 fixed price!

Districts marked with blue:
(IV., XV., XIII., XIV., V., VI., VII., VIII., IX., X., XIX., XX., XXI., XXIII.)
HUF 24.000 fixed price!

Districts marked with green:
(III., II., I., XII., XI., XXII.)
HUF 28.000 fixed price! 

Motorcycle rescue & transport in Budapest & all around Hungary

Outside Budapest:
HUF 20.000 + HUF 400/km

Our list price outside of Budapest is for information only, please ask for our price offer for our current discounts depending on the location!

The km fee is calculated from the pick-up address to the drop-off address! If neither the starting nor the ending addresses are located in Budapest, the cost of the return trip will also be added to the freight fee.

In case of delivery to Hungary, the cost of transport includes all tolls. For international transport, please call us for a quote!

HUF 20.000 + HUF 400/km

Plus motorcycles

HUF 5 000/piece

Our motorcycle rescue and transportation service is available for anyone, any time, 24/7. 365 days/year.

We ensure continuous availability with our own super team and super partners

All important information

  • The most important thing for us is the satisfaction of our customers, which is why we work with precisely calculable prices. You will not come across any additional, hidden, surprise costs in our quotation, or on the spot, before or after the transport. All costs are clearly stated on our website.

  • During the telephone contact, we will agree with you the exact start and finish addresses, as well as date&time of delivery. Since all costs are clearly indicated on our website, based on what is described here, we can easily, quickly and accurately calculate the total cost of the transport based on the start and finish addresses. After accepting our price offer, in case of scheduled delivery, we will reserve the transport, or in case of immediate rescue/delivery, we will leave for you immediately.

  • After our arrival, if we have to wait at the pick-up or drop-off point (so we cannot start work), the waiting fee starts from the time of our arrival, of which 10 minutes are free, but after that we charge a waiting fee. The waiting fee for every started half hour is HUF 7.500.

  • We can place a vehicle / device weighing a maximum of 700 kg. We can deliver a total of 2-4 motorcycles at the same time, the total weight of the vehicles does not exceed 780 kg.

  • Outside of our working hours between 8 am and 8 pm, on weekends or during holidays, if we do not have a vehicle currently at work, we may charge an on-call fee (HUF 10,000). As we get in touch, we are immediately inform you about this extra fee, if it is current.

  • We transport both in a closed (domestic) and open (international) cargo area. Data of our closed cargo area: length: 415 cm, width: 212 cm, height: 220 cm.

  • Invoicing: We prepare the e-invoice on the spot in a few minutes and send it to you by e-mail in a simple, environmentally friendly way.

  • We reserve the right to change prices.